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Nerve Transfer to Restore Function for Mid-Cervical Spinal Cord Injury

Cervical level spinal cord injury can significantly affect function. Depending on the level and type of injury, surgery to improve hand and arm function may be an option. Surgical treatment may include nerve transfers or other procedures.

For information on nerve transfers.
For information on tendon transfers.

This nerve transfer surgery can only benefit patients with specific types of spinal cord injury. To be eligible, a patient must have quadriplegia with a mid-cervical motor level spinal cord injury. Because the procedure relies on working nerves above the mid-cervical level, it will not benefit patients with higher level cervical spinal cord injuries. The goal of the procedure is to restore some hand opening and closing. Sometimes, elbow extension and wrist extension can also be restored.

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If you think you are a candidate for nerve and/or tendon transfer for a mid-cervical level spinal cord injury (SCI), please begin by contacting your personal physician.

Below are links to the documents with more information about this surgery. Please review this information carefully with your primary care or rehabilitation physician to see if he or she thinks you may be a candidate.

If your primary care or rehabilitation physician thinks a referral is appropriate, he or she should send the information specified in the patient letter below.

The following forms should also be sent in: